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For Sale / Wanted

Please contact one of the people on the Contacts page to include a notice in here for anything you're looking for, or have for sale (i.r.o. model boats!!)


Approximately 6-foot long. Powered by six brushed Pittman motors driving 3 shafts. Outer shafts operate together and the centre has separate control. The 4 main gun turrets turn and raise/lower. The 3 radar scanners operate and there is an action-stations siren. The superstructure is provided with lights. Radio channels are required for:

1                    Outer props

2                    Inner prop

3                    Rudders

4                    4 Main Gun Turrets

5                    Siren, Radar scanners

6                    Lights (if required)

Basic model includes hull, deck, servos for guns and radar scanners, siren. Model is in very good condition and interior is very neat. Boat does not easily take on water. Runs silently, even at full speed.

Price:                                                          R2 200

Optional Items:

 6 Drive motors with  6 couplings                  R1 500

          Modern electronic modules, speed                   controllers, power panel                                R2 000
         Set of Lead-Acid Batteries
(4 off)         R   300

          Hi-end rudder servo (cost R1400)        R   400

Contact Ken Boss at

The following are some of the late Graham Frieslaar's boats and accessories:
Speed boats: 540/Open class, 3 in total
Yachts: a) 2 J class/one meters, 1 fitted out Hitec sail winch, 3 sets of sails.
            b) Ten rater 2.1 meter yacht, complete with a Hitec sail winch, with sails
            c) a smaller version of the one in b, with sails
            d) a catamaran, with sails
Other:  Hydro foil boat/plane complete with 35 Mhz radio
Radio's and electronics:
     3 X 27 Mhz Sabre transmitters and receiver + .175 crystals, 2 ch
     1 JR 27 Mhz transmitter and receiver, 2 ch
     Various Nicad chargers
Contact:  Johan

for more information
Wanted to buy:
a keel that you may have from a dis-used boat!
should be preferably:
  - lie approx 6" deep or a bit deeper
could be with weighted  bulb or whole keel of heavy metal (lead)

Contact:   Piet  082 652 8029

Past member (and friend of WCMBC) Doug Galt, who now lives in Kleinmond, has discovered the following website from which can be obtained various (R/C model) ship plans.
Doug's comments: 

I recently purchased plans for a fishing vessel model from this site, cost about $6.00 +$6.00 postage to SA.  I was very pleasantly surprised to receive a CD disk of the plans in digital form plus several very interesting articles relating to plank on frame construction.

I found it to be good value and it's also much cheaper than hard copy plans from UK!

They have a very comprehensive library of plans...

Doug's purchase !


Resin fittings - especially modern Royal Navy vessels
I have a number of resin fittings at 96 scale which I have made.  So anyone building/interested in this scale, I can perhaps assist with fittings.

Contact DOUG GALT  028 271 5854